About the Institute for Functional Health

Welcome to the Institute for Functional Health, where patients get well and stay well. We believe that every person can improve their health naturally so that we all can live a more functional and healthier life.

Natural healing is our foundation. We take a well rounded approach to healthcare. We assess patients through cutting edge technology and outcome based measures to get to the root of our problems. We look at the necessary pillars of health in order to be able to properly support and help our bodies heal. We are encouraging our patients to do their part in their health.

At the Institute for Functional Health we strive to be able to make a strong team between our patients and our practitioners. This truly is a different model as we take the time to get to know our patients, and spend the necessary time to understand fully what you are dealing with.

We welcome you to our website and hope to see you in one of our many locations so that you also can "Get Well and Stay Well."

Mon 8am-6pm
Tue 8am-6pm
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Fri 8am-Noon
Sat Closed
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We are closed Monday-Thursday from 12pm-2pm for Lunch.

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